Cloth Menstrual Pads

Non Formal Education

Menstrual pads have been mentioned in history as early as the 10th century in Ancient Greece, where a woman is said to have thrown one of her used menstrual rags at an admirer in an attempt to get rid of him.

Before the disposable pad was invented, most women used rags, cotton, or sheep’s wool in their underwear to stem the flow of menstrual blood. Knitted pads, rabbit fur, even grass were all used by women to handle their periods.

The first disposable pads were available for purchase as early as 1888 but only about 50 years later they became accessible by a majority of women.

These days a lot due to ecological reasons but also economical and self-empowered, a lot of women are looking back to the past to inspire a revolution and start making their own pads.

This guide will show you some ways to make yours too!

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